List of Allergens


                                      Celery (1)                            Crustaceans (2)                 Egg (3)

                                      Fish (4)                                 Lupin (5)                              Milk (6)

                                                  Mollusc (7)                          Mustard (8)                        Almonds (9)

                                      Peanuts (10)                      Sesame Seeds (11)          Soya (12)

                                                  Sulphur Dioxide (13)       Rye (14)                               Wheat (15)      

                                                  Barley (16)                          Maize (17)                           Spelt (18)

  Tapioca (19)                        Semolina (20)                    Oats (21)

  Walnuts (22)                      Mix Nuts (23)                     Butter (24)

  Cream (25)                          Cheese (26)


Please note that chips and roast potatoes are cooked in the same oil as Gluten, Egg and Flour

Our house dressing contains gluten and sulphites






Homemade Soup of the Day                                                                              €4.20

Chef’s soup of the day accompanied by a bread roll (1,6) (12,15 in bread roll)

Molly’s Famous Creamy Seafood Chowder                                                   €6.20

Packed with fresh fish in white wine cream served with Guinness bread

 (1,2,4,6,7,13,15 & gluten in bread)

Benbulben Farmhouse Egg Mayonnaise                                                        €4.70

A Classic! This one needs no explanation (3,8,13)

Crispy Garlic Mushrooms                                                                                   €5.50

Golden fried breaded mushrooms served with garlic mayonnaise (3,6,8,13,15)

Honey & Chilli Chicken Wings                                                                           €5.90

Served with salad (3,6,13,15)

Sweet Chilli Beef Potato Skins                                                                          €6.20

potato skinks stuffed with sweet chilli minced beef

and topped with a duo of cheese and chive creme fraiche (1,25)

Grilled Garlic Ciabatta Bread                                                                             €4.50

(6,11,12,14,15,16)                                                                                                      with cheese                 €4.90

(please note the Honey & Mustard Dressing contains gluten,8,13)



Warm Cajun Chicken & Smoked Bacon Salad                                                         

Mixed salad leaf, warm slices of Cajun chicken, smoked bacon lardons, marinated cob potatoes,

cucumber, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion drizzled with mild ranch dressing (3,8)

Small   €6.90                                   Large €12.90

Grilled Fivemile Town Goats Cheese & Sticky Walnut Salad                                          

Mixed salad leaf, grilled goats cheese, sticky walnuts, cucumber, mixed peppers, cherry

tomatoes, sliced red onion drizzled with honey & mustard dressing (6,9,13 & gluten in dressing)

Small   €6.90                                   Large €12.90

Classic Caesar Salad                                                        

Crispy lettuce, smoked bacon lardons, croutons, egg and grated parmesan cheese tossed in

 our own homemade Caesar dressing topped with char-grilled chicken (1,3,6,8,15)  or Cajun chicken

Small   €6.90                                   Large €12.90

Irish Smoked Salmon & Prawn Salad                                                

Mixed salad leaf, Irish smoked salmon, prawns, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes,cucumber

 sliced red onion drizzled with honey & mustard dressing (4, 8, 13) (gluten & 8 in dressing)

Small   €6.90                                   Large € 12.90


All salads accompanied by Guinness Bread (13)

Beef & Burgers

8oz Beef Fillet Steak                                                                                             €23.50                                                                  Sherlock beef fillet cooked to your liking served with sauté mushrooms, beef tomato,

crispy onions and homemade chips (15,19)

10oz Striploin Steak                                                                                             €23.50        

              Sherlock striploin steak cooked to your liking served with sauté mushrooms,

beef tomato, crispy onions and homemade chips (15,19)

Choice of Sauces

Trio of Peppercorn Cream Sauce (6,12)  or Garlic Butter(6)

Beef Stir-fry                                                                                                            €15.90         

Slivers of tender beef stirfried with veggies, ginger, red chilli, hoisin plum sauce

served with rice or egg noodles and topped with toasted cashew nuts (3,9,11,12,15)

The Old Fashioned Steak Sandwich                                                                €14.90         

6oz steak char-grilled and served in a warm ciabatta bread with wholegrain mustard

mayonnaise, salad leaf, sauté onions and mushrooms accompanied with homemade chips

or sweet potato fries and creamy pepper sauce (6,8,12,15)

Molly’s Big Bopper Steak Burger                                                                     €13.50          

            6oz steak burger served in a warm brioche bap with Dubliner cheese, smoked rasher,

 fried egg, tomato relish mayonnaise and salad leaf accompanied with homemade chips

or sweet potato fries (1,3,8,13,15)

Dubliner Cheese & Smoked Rasher Chicken Fillet Burger                      €13.50         

Butterfly breast of chicken char-grilled served in a warm brioche bap with Dubliner cheese

and smoked rasher, tomato relish mayonnaise and salad leaf accompanied with

homemade chips or sweet potato fries (3,6,8,15)


From Foreign Shores   

Chicken Stir-fry                                                                                                     €14.90

Marinated chicken strips stir fried with veggies, ginger, garlic and hoisin & plum sauce

served with rice or egg noodles and topped with toasted cashew nuts (3,9,11,12,15)

Crispy Hong Kong Chicken                                                                                 €14.90

Succulent strips of chicken dipped in batter and tossed in a sweet and sour sauce,

stir-fried vegetables served with rice (1,3,6,15)

Molly’s Famous Meat Lasagne                                                                           €12.90

Irish beef mince cooked with garlic and basil, layered between

 fresh lasagne sheets, béchamel sauce and grated duo of cheese

served with homemade chips and coleslaw (1,6,8,13,15,20)



Pasta Dishes   

Creamy Chicken and Bacon Tagliatelle                                                          €14.90

Slivers of chicken, smoked bacon, sauté onions and mushrooms bound in a creamy

 white wine sauce with parmesan cheese and ribbons of fresh tagliatelle (1,3,6,13,15,20)


Penne Bolognaise                                                                                                  €12.90

A rich meat bolognaise sauce tossed with penne pasta topped

with grated parmesan cheese, milled black pepper and basil pesto (3,9,15,20)


Add garlic bread (6) €1.50


Smokey Mountain Chicken                                                                                 €14.90         

Succulent breast of chicken, smoked rasher, sauté mushrooms, hickory bbq sauce

and melted duo of cheese served with side salad and your choice of potato,

chips or sweet potato fries (6,12,16) (gluten in salad dressing & 8)


Chicken Maryland                                                                                     €14.90         

Oven baked breaded chicken served with grilled bacon, half tomato and fruit fritters

and your choice of potato, chips or sweet potato fries (3,6,15)


Peppered Chicken                                                                                     €14.90                                                                              oven baked breaded chicken topped with a trio of peppercorn sauce, served with

vegetable of the day and your choice of potato, chips or sweet potato fries (3,6,15,12)


Garlicky Chicken Kiev                                                                                          €14.90                                                                oven baked breaded chicken with garlic butter served with vegetable of the day

and your choice of potato, chips or sweet potato fries (3,6,15)


Chicken Goujons with Chips                                                                              €13.50               

breaded goujons of chicken served with side salad and chips (3,15) (gluten in salad dressing & 13)


Choice of Dip

Sweet Chilli

Garlic Mayonnaise (3,8)



Catch of the Day                                                                                                     €14.50

Depends on the Fisherman and Chef. (please ask about allergens for today’s catch)

Served with homemade chips, salad, mushy peas and tartar sauce

(gluten in salad dressing & 3,18,13)

Pan-Fried Salmon with fricassee of spinach & bacon                         €15.90

Pan-fried salmon in white wine, garlic, bacon, potatoes, peas,

spinach & infused with lemon cream (13,25)

Garlic Grilled Fillet of Cod                                                                                  €15.90

Served on a bed of honey & mustard roasted baby potatoes,

topped with sweet n sour vegetables (1,8)





Medley Vegetable Stir-Fry                                                                                  €12.90         

Fresh selection of vegetables stir-fried with garlic, ginger, hoi sin, red chilli served with rice or egg noodles and topped with toasted cashew nuts (3,9,11,12,15)

Coconut Vegetable Curry                                                                                    €12.90         

Fresh selection of vegetables bounded in a coconut curry sauce served on a bed of rice

accompanied with poppadoms (1,6,12,15)



As all our main courses are cooked to order expect to

wait up to 30 minutes. If you are in a hurry

please ask your server for advice.




All our Beef is 100% Irish

For Those in a Hurry!!

Roast Joint of the Day                                                                                          €11.50

Today’s roast served with potatoes and fresh vegetables

 (For allergens please check with your server as this will depend on the joint)

Molly’s Jumbo Grill                                                                                               €13.50

Bacon, egg, sausage, tomato and pudding along with steak, mushrooms,

onion rings & homemade chips. Served with tea and brown bread (3,13,15,16)

Molly’s Mini Grill                                                                                                   €9.30

Bacon, egg, sausage and tomato. Served with tea, homemade chips and brown bread (3,13,15)

1/4 Pounder                                                                                                           €7.20

A quarter pounder topped with salad and marie rose sauce in a floury bap

served with homemade chips (3,12,15,8)

with cheese .50 extra

with bacon .70 extra

Chicken Fillet Burger                                                                                           €9.20

Tender breast of breaded chicken topped with salad and marie rose sauce

 in a floury bap served with homemade chips. (3,6,15,8)

with cheese .50 extra

with bacon .70 extra

Chicken Curry                                                                                                        €11.50

Tender chunks of chicken fillet with stir fried vegetables cooked in our homemade

curry sauce served with rice (1,6,12,15)



Extra Sides

Garlic & Cheese Potatoes (1,6,25,26) €3.00           Onion Rings (15)                   €2.50

Chips                                                    €3.00          Sauté Onions                       €2.00

Creamed Potatoes (6,24)                    €2.20          Sauté Mushrooms             €2.00

Veg of the Day (6,24)                            €2.60          Coleslaw (3,8)                                    €2.00

Side Salad (gluten in dressing & 13)              €2.60          Curry Sauce (1,6,12,15)            €1.00

Sweet Potato Fries                           €3.50          Garlic Mayo (3,8)                   €0.80




Warm Bread & Butter Pudding                                                             €5.00

Served with custard & fresh cream (6,15)

Lemon Meringue Pie                                                                                            €5.50

Short crust pastry filled with lemon custard and fluffy meringue topping

served with duo of coulis, vanilla ice-cream and fresh cream (3,6,15,12)

Molly’s Chocolate Sundae                                                                                   €5.50

Tall glass filled with warm chocolate brownie, marshmallows, chocolate sauce,

vanilla ice-cream & whipped cream (3,6,15,12)

Molly’s Homemade Trifle                                                                                   €5.00

This one needs no explanation (3,6,12,15)

Sticky Toffee Pudding                                                                                          €5.00

Hot toffee sponge covered in a delicious toffee chip sauce.

Served with fresh cream (3,6,12,15)

Homemade Apple Pie                                                                                           €5.00

A generous helping of homemade apple pie served warm

with custard & fresh cream (3,13,15)

Molly’s Cheesecake                                                                                               €5.50

Choose from either Lemon or Strawberry Cheesecake.

both come served with fresh cream & fruit coulis (6,15)

NEW Knickerbocker Glory                                                                                 €5.50

Tall glass filled with jelly, pineapple, banana, peach, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream,

whipped cream, hazelnut brittle, blueberry compote and glazed cherries (6,12)

Rhubarb and berry Crumble                                                                             €5.50

A delicious combination of rhubarb and berries baked in a short crust case and

topped with a rich butter crumble. Served warm with custard and fresh cream (3,6,15)

Trio of Ice-Cream                                                                                                  €5.50

A trio of ice-cream, garnished with fruits and fresh cream (6,12)


Dairy free ice-cream, Diabetic Ice-cream, Sugar free jelly &

Gluten free Dessert available. Please ask your server

Hot Drinks

     Coffee & Other

   Regular Coffee                   €2.00

   Espresso                              €2.00

   Double Espresso                           €2.50

   Espresso Macchiato          €2.30

   Cappuccino                          €2.30

   Latte                                      €2.30

   Mocha                                   €2.50

   Hot Chocolate                     €2.50

2 spoons of sugar a shot of coffee and you’re desired short topped with cream floater



Tea                                         €1.90

Herbal Tea                           €2.10

Liqueur Coffees

Irish Coffee                         €5.50

French Coffee                     €5.50

Baileys Coffee                     €5.50

Calypso Coffee                   €5.50

Russian Coffee                   €5.50

Jamaican Coffee                 €5.50



Wine Menu

Red Wine

                                                                                                            Btl                   Glass

Molly’s House Cabernet Sauvignon (French House Wine)      €19.00          €5.50

This well-structured red wine develpos blackcurrant fruit flavours and spices.

It presents a long and pleasant finish.

Molly’s House Merlot (French House Wine)                                €19.00          €5.50

The colour is ruby. In mouth this Merlot by Domaine du Peras develops aromas of red fruit.

A very nice value for this ‘Vin de Pays d’Oc’ very fruity and supple

Montepuliciano (Italian House Wine)                                             €19.00          €5.50

Ruby red color with violet highlights. It has a pleasant, fruity profile loded with fresh herb-inflected

cherry flavors and soft tannins.

Los Tilos Cabernet Sauvignon (Chillean House Wine)              €22.00

Intense and fresh, it reminds one of blackcurrant with blackberries plus a little pepper.

White Wine

                                                                                                            Btl                   Glass

Molly’s House Sauvignon Blanc            (French House Wine)             €19.00          €5.50

Crisp and very aromatic Sauvignon Blanc with great notes of citrus fruits.

Molly’s House Chardonnay (French House Wine)                     €19.00          €5.50

Ample mouth with exoyic fruits aromas. This is a round and vivid wine with a nice structure.

Pinot Grigio (Italian House Wine)                                                    €19.00         

This wine has a light straw color with green tints. It has a light floral and fruitt bouquet featuring

apples and pears, with a crisp and well balanced palate and a lingering finish

Los Tilos Sauvignon Blanc (Chillean House Wine)                     €22.00

intense and fresh, it reminds one of limes, grapefruit, passion fruit and acacia flowers.

A balanced wine with fresh acidity and a rich and long aftertaste.