Allergen Information

Celery (1)

Crustaceans (2)

Egg (3)

Fish (4)

Lupin (5)

Dairy (6)

Mollusc (7)

Mustard (8)

Almonds (9)

Peanuts (10)

Sesame Seeds (11)

Soya (12)

Sulphur Dioxide (13)

Rye (14)

Wheat (15)

Barley (16)

Maize (17)

Spelt (18)

Tapioca (19)

Semolina (20)

Oats (21)

Walnuts (22)

Mix Nuts (23)


Please note that chips and roast potatoes are cooked in the same oil as Gluten, Egg and Flour

Our house dressing contains gluten and sulphites


Soup of the day €4.00

Today’s homemade soup made with the freshest of ingredients (1,6)

with 2 rolls €4.30


Golden Fried Mushrooms €4.50

served with garlic mayonnaise (3,6,8,13,15)


Creamy Seafood Chowder €6.20

served with guinness bread (1,2,4,6,7,13,15)


Sticky Glazed BBQ Chicken Wings €5.90

served with crunchy salad (3,6,8,13,15)


Prawn Cocktail €5.30

Baby prawns on a bed of lettuce, smothered in a marie-rose sauce (2,3,8,13)


Egg Mayonnaise €4.70

Another classic! This one needs no description! (3,8,13)


Molly’s Stuffed Potato Skins €5.90

Stuffed with sweet chilli beef & finished with duo of cheese & chive sour cream(1,3,6,8)


Grilled Garlic Ciabatta Bread €4.50(6,11,12,14,15,16)

With cheese €4.90


Classic Caesar Salad €9.90

tossed salad leaf, crispy smoked bacon lardons, croutons, egg & grated parmesan cheese drizzled with molly’sCaesar dressing topped with char-grilled chicken or Cajun chicken (1,3,6,8,15)


Grilled Goats Cheese & Sticky Walnut Salad €9.90

Mixed salad leaf, grilled goats cheese, sticky walnuts, cucumber, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, sliced red oniondrizzled with honey & mustard dressing(3,6,8,9 ,22 13) (gluten in salad dressing)


Warm Cajun Chicken & Smoked Bacon Salad €9.90

Mixed salad leaf, warm slices of Cajun chicken, smoked ham lardons, marinated cobpotatoes, cucumber, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion drizzled with mild ranch dressing(3,8)

All Salads Accompained byGuinness Bread (6,13,15)


Crispy Chicken Goujons €10.90

breaded goujons served on a bed of salad served with chips, sweet chilli sauce & garlic mayonnaise(3,8,13,15)


Steak & Onion Brioche Bap €11.90

toasted brioche bap, steak, sauté onions, garlic mayonnaise & salad leaf. Accompanied with chips & creamy peppersauce(3,6,8,12)


Home-made Chicken Curry €10.00

tender chunks of chicken fillet & stir-fried vegetables cooked in our homemade curry sauce. Served on a bed ofrice(1,6,12,15)


Classic Baked Beef Lasagne €10.00

Molly’s bolognaise sauce sandwiched between sheets of lasagne, topped with white sauce and mozzarella cheese served withsalad & chips(1,3,6,8,13,15,20)


Molly’s ¼ Pounder with Chips €7.20

a quarter pounder topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, coleslaw & marie-rose sauce in a floury bap(3,6,8,12,15)

with cheese .50c extra(6)

with bacon .70c extra


Chicken Fillet Burger with Chips €8.90

tender breast of breaded chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, coleslaw & marie-rose sauce in a floury bap(3,6,8,15)

with cheese .50c extra

with bacon .70c extra


Mini Grill €9.00

Bacon, egg, sausage, tomato and chips. Served with tea or coffee(3,13,15)


Taco Chips €6.20(3,6,8)


Sweet Chilli Chicken & Basil Pesto Wrap €9.50

marinated chicken, sweet chilli & basil pesto, duo of cheese & mixed peppers(6,9,10,15,23,24)


Enchilada Vegetarian Wrap €9.50

stir-fried vegetables, enchilada sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla(1,15)


Seafood Wrap €9.50

smoked salmon, prawns, shredded lettuce, ranch dressing & tomato(2,3,4,8,15)


Warm Chicken & Creole Wrap €9.50

Slices of marinated chicken, creole mayo, caramelised onion & duo of cheese(1,3,6,8,15,16)



Cajun Chicken Pannini €9.50

Cajun chicken, chive crème fraiche & cheddar cheese(6,11,12,14,15,16)


BBQ Style Pannini €9.50

Char-grilled chicken, bbq mayo, onion rings & pineapple(3,6,8,11,12,13,14,15,16)


Cheesy Bacon Pannini €9.50

Brie cheese, bacon, duo of bacon & garlic mayo(3,6,8,11,12,14,15,16)


All served with chips or Garlic & Cheese Potato (1,6) & Salad(dressing contains gluten,8,13)

Specialty Sandwiches

The Big B.L.T €9.50

3 layers of toasted bread packed with bacon, tomato & lettuce with butter & mayo. served with chips & salad(3,8,12,15)


The New Club Sandwich €9.50

Char-grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg & mayonnaise. Served with chips & salad(3,8,12,15)



Plain Sandwich €3.60(12,15)


Toasted Sandwich €3.90(12,15)


Baguette €4.95


Choose from the following

Ham - Bacon -  Beef  - Chicken - Stuffing - Tuna - Salad               

Egg - Tomato  - Cheddar  - Brie  - Red - Onion - Sweetcorn - Peppers        



Lemon Meringue Pie €5.50

Served with ice cream & fresh cream

Molly’s Chocolate Sundae €5.50

all glass filled with warm chocolate brownie, marshmallows, chocolate sauce,

vanilla ice-cream & whipped cream (3,6,15,12)

Molly’s Homemade Trifle €5.00

This one needs no explanation (3,6,12,15)

Sticky Toffee Pudding €5.50

Hot toffee sponge covered in a delicious toffee chip sauce. Served with fresh cream(3,6,12,15)

Homemade Apple Pie €5.50

A generous helping of homemade apple pie served warm with fresh cream (3,13,15)

Molly’s Cheesecake €5.50

Choose from either Lemon or Strawberry Cheesecake.

Both come served with fresh cream & fruit coulis (3,6,15)

Knickerbocker Glory €5.50

Ice-cream, jelly, fruit cocktail and strawberry syrup served in a tall glass and

topped off with fresh cream. Deliciously light! (6,12)

Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble €5.50

A delicious combination of rhubarb and strawberries baked in a short crust caseand topped

with a rich butter crumble. Served warm with custard and fresh cream (6,15,21)

Chocolate Fudge Cake €5.00

A slice of rich chocolate cake served with chocolate sauce and fresh cream (3,6,15)

Trio of Ice-Cream €5.50

A trio of ice-cream, garnished with fruit coulis and fresh cream (6,12)

Dairy free ice-cream, Diabetic Ice-cream, Sugar free jelly & Gluten free Dessert available

Please ask your server